Military Aircraft Covers

On deployed operations worldwide, our helicopter covers are fast-to-fit and provide optimum safe protection in all environments. The world’s best fitted protective covers for thermal mitigation, humidity control, anti-icing and physical shielding.

AS 332, Military

AS 332, Military

Aircraft: AS332 Super Puma, Military (RSAF, deployed operations)

Requirement: Fast to fit protection for aircraft exposed to sandstorms and blizzards.

Performance: Complete or partial protection options available.

"We have been very impressed by the quality of design, support and flexibility of Air Covers from the start to finish of this project" Royal Swedish Air Force

AW101, Royal Air Force

Aircraft: AW101 Merlin Project Team, Royal Air Force (deployed operations)

Requirement: Airframe, head, tail rotor and cockpit protection from heat, sand and icing. Wescam MX15 camera internal temperature to be kept below 40degC without electrical assistance (OAT +55degC). Fast and safe to fit.

Technical innovation: Air Covers develops layering technology to cool the avionics, DAS and Flir cameras

“It is without doubt that Air Covers has contributed to the excellent serviceability record Merlin (AW101) has enjoyed on deployed operations.” Head of Engineering Authority, Merlin Project

“Reports from Theatre indicate that the covers remain fully functional with no degradation of material and fittings despite [3 years] heavy continual use. This is suitable testament to the robust manufacturing processes and the support from Air Covers Ltd in making the covers fit for purpose in an austere and extremely challenging environment” 28Sqn (Merlin), RAF

AW101 Merlin Project Team, Royal Air Force (deployed operations)
Lynx MK9A (UK Military)

Lynx MK9A (UK Military)

Aircraft: Lynx MK9A (UK Military)

Requirement: Protection against sand and extreme heat; eliminate the excessive time taken to fit the engine and exhaust plugs

Excellence in design: Air Covers creates a 3-cover set (cabin, engine and rotorhead) that eliminates sand ingress and deflects heat. Crews were astonished by the heat reduction from the Air Covers innovative channelled layering. The covers were 3D modelled and designed to accommodate operational equipment (cameras hoists etc).

“The flight crews and ground support engineers have asked me to pass on their thanks and appreciation for your exceptional work” MoD Lynx Project Team

AH64D, UK Military

Aircraft: AH64D Apache Longbow (UK Military)

Requirement: Protection in all environments against sand and extreme heat; ice and snow; salt and UV

Excellence in design: Air Covers creates a 12 cover set that satisfies all requirements.

Air Covers Note: We were reliably informed that a US Apache Unit ‘borrowed’ a set of our covers in Kandahar, Afghanistan and these were sent back to the US for ‘examination’!

“When the sandstorm hit the airfield, the covers from the US Apaches were torn from their aircraft. The only aircraft that remained protected were those fitted with Air Covers protection” Brig Knudsen, REME (prev. Head of UK Apache Project)