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Our covers are designed to be fitted quickly and safely. There’s a simple truth –it doesn’t matter how clever the materials or how good it looks, if they are not easy and fast to fit the covers will not be used. Air Covers have been fitting covers to helicopters since 2006 – from R22s to S92s. We have listened and we’ve learned more than most.

EC135, VIP Private Yacht

EC135, VIP Private Yacht

Aircraft: EC135, VIP Private Yacht.

Requirement: Aircraft protection on deck during ocean crossings (high UV, strong winds, salt and humidity). Aesthetics important to design.

Delivery: Fast to fit, easily stowed, cockpit & mooring points accessible, training video provided for new yacht crew.

“During the storm the aircraft was being swamped by the sea sweeping over the deck. Three days later we removed the covers – not a grain of salt, no scratches, no humidity staining on the aircraft” Capt Pim de Rhoodes

AS350, Private Client

Aircraft: AS350 (Private operator, French Alps)

Requirement: Fast to fit protection for aircraft exposed to sudden blizzards, icing threat

Design: Air Covers creates a cover set that can be safely fitted by one person with a gloved hand

“Absolutely great. Perfect.” Norbair, Geneva

AS350, Private Client
R44, Private Client

R44, Private Client

Aircraft: Robinson 44 (Private – Worldwide)

Requirement: Fast to fit, 4 Season, 24/7 365 day protection that can be stowed in the aircraft. Must not collect sand or grit. The covers were supplied to replace the OEM covers which collected sand in their fibres.

Excellence in design: Air Covers develops the double layer lightweight cover to eliminate the sand blister threat of traditional covers; mm perfect fit; 1 man 1 minute (click to watch video)

Popularity: 5 Stars - our all-time best-selling cover all over the world

“The Air Covers R44 cover is the only cover I recommended to my customers” Mike Smith (As Managing Director of Heli Air, Mike sold more than 400 Robinson aircraft)

Hiller 12C, Private client

Aircraft: Hiller 12C (built 1956), Private client

Requirement: Protection of vintage aircraft with original parts against salt, UV, humidity, solar heat and heavy rain while at flying displays and exhibitions. Aesthetics important to design

Design Excellence: Fast to fit, easily stowed, fully lined to protect sensitive transparencies

“Air Covers were extremely responsive to my request to create a custom set of covers for my 1956 Hiller12C. No effort was spared in measuring the helicopter and getting the covers to fit perfectly. The attention to detail is outstanding and they look fantastic.” Glynn Williams, Owner Hiller 12C

Hiller 12C, Private client