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Air Covers also manufacture covers for a wide variety of accessories relating to the aviation industry, from camera covers to seat linings and power unit covers. Covers can be custom made to fit any item that requires the best protection from the elements.

Air Covers are the List designers and manufacturers for aircraft manufacturers and accessory OEMs. You can also choose or request your requirements direct from Air Covers.

Hoists and Winches
Stabilised camera mounts
Stow bags and in-flight storage
Load Lift Bags
Red Gear

Every item has been laser scanned and 3D modelled to create close-fitting and easy-to-fit protection in all environments. Thermal protection, breathable, 100% sprayproof and warranted for 5yrs against UV and humidity.

Air Covers is AS9100 assured and every item is made to the exacting quality you expect from Air Covers

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