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Design & Materials
Design & Materials
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    Protecting more than £11bn of assets worldwide.
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    Working with private owners, defence and security agencies around the world, OEM’s and operators.
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    Committed to reducing the maintenance burden and ensuring asset availability.

Design & Metrology

Winners of Airbus Helicopters ‘Innovation in the Supply Chain’ Award, Air Covers has a fleet of laser scanning tools to help our designers create the mm-exact protective covers you need.

World-leading designers of protective covers for aircraft, vehicles and marine equipment.

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    Air Covers owns and operates a fleet of laser scanning assets from tripod mounted distance lasers scanners to handheld units for interiors and hard to access areas.
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    Conveyor CNC textile cutting and 16 digital industrial sewing stations
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    The world’s largest database of aircraft 3D mm-exact designs allows Air Covers to build for any aircraft in any configuration worldwide.


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    Textiles to perform from minus 60degC to +80degC in high winds, icing, salt, sandstorms and extreme humidity.
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    Using Instrom tensile rigs and UV/Humidity QUV chambers we test our technical textiles in the laboratory and, with the help of our customers, in the Field.
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    Air Covers has developed a unique layering system for hot climates to create a convection cooling effect. AirCool© ensures that aircraft protected by our covers keep their temperature below the ambient. A critical requirement for avionics, weapons, cameras and cockpits.

We Design, We Manufacture, We Innovate

As aircraft, boat and vehicle construction materials have changed, Air Covers has invested in new material layerings and weaves to combat abrasion and heat sink.

Informed by work with NASA and ESA, partnerships with clients operating in the world’s most inhospitble climates and support for Round the World Expeditions, Air Covers has built an exceptional knowledge and skill-base.  The result for Air Covers customers is the remarkable Air Covers protective capability. Nothing comes close.

Bespoke and VIP (if it’s the best it should look the best)

Our unrivalled collection of laser scans allows us to project paint scheme designs onto our models to create bespoke covers that will not only provide the best protection but which will also be unique to you.

Because if it’s the best, it should also look the best.

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