At Air Covers we have selected materials to manufacture what we believe is the very best aircraft protection available worldwide today.

Air Covers are experts in technical fabrics

It’s our design expertise, technical materials and attention to detail that set us apart from any other supplier. Our products are tried, tested and trusted on 7 Continents and 5 Oceans, providing fitted environmental protection for the aerospace industry. All of our covers are digitally modelled then carefully hand made, using the latest technical fabrics for the most extreme of environments, where spectral camouflage, thermal protection and heat repellent properties are essential.

Air Covers Layering System

Air Covers has pioneered a convection layering technique which allows operators to control ‘heat sink’ costs without an AC powered requirement. For unmanned aerial systems (UAS) this can give 12% extra flight time. For manned camera systems this can give 20% extra camera time We work with military and civil engineers; we pioneer developments in 3D modelling and laser scanning; we prototype and trial products new to market and we are constantly looking to feed design ideas from your ground support crews back into our work.

5 Year fabric warranty (limited)

The limited warranty covers the fabric being unserviceable because of loss of strength and/or colour from normal conditions of exposure. This includes sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. The customer is responsible for normal care, cleaning and maintenance of the fabric.